Un crimen musical para la tarde de viernes

Crime (si no lo ves, está aquí: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=76sU-I1b_fw)

Del trabajo de regreso de Najwajean (Najwa Nimri y Carlos Jean), Till it breaks (2008 ). El primer single y tercer corte del disco es ese “Crime”. (La letra se enciende bastante bien. Queda abajo, es de muy fácil traducción).

– Página web de Najwajean.
– Najwajean en myspace.


You lean on the edge of the bar and you look at me
With such eyes and what if it’s a dream
You pass by me and say
Hello, your smile is like a little girl
Is this a crime
when you touch my hand and I feel the sky

And I’m wondering if this a crime
when you passed behind you touch my hits on the better sides
And then I pass behind and it’s a game they told me not to play
And then you kill my doubts saying, smile
And then you hold my hand strong
You get me, you take me, you break me oh
What a sweet suicide

I’m wondering if this a crime
When you see me smile
Ehhh, ohhhh

Oh, is this a crime
When I pass your side with a little smile
I’m sorry but I’m dealing

Then my eyes just said go on
And my back could feel the cold
Then you take off all my clothes
I was breathing laid in bed

And you take my legs, and you take inside
and I thought that life, couldn’t be so good
Oh my love……. is this a new suicide

And I just wanna to know
Oh, it’s all, my strong little guy
Yeahh, Oh,
and this is, baby this is, oh this is a crime
And I start to cry

Is this a crime
I’m in this hell, brother I say
brother and lover
I gave enough to stay
I try to stay, into, into, into
oh is this a crime
when you’re getting inside…
Yeahh, Ohh, …

I can feel that it it’s allright


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